Our Story

Growing up in small town Alabama, I learned that you "make or bake" a present at Christmas to give to all of your family and friends.  It was simply a tradition!

My dad started cooking peanut brittle for friends and family at Christmas when I was young and it gradually became a town novelty.  I soon found myself helping my Dad cook for the whole town!  It was my first paying job. I always thought that when I grew up, my "dream job" would be a peanut brittle business. 

So, after much encouragement and a large push, I took the leap!

"I always thought that when I grew up, my 'dream job' would be a peanut brittle business."

Using Dad's recipe, I created Bronnie's Brittle.  The original peanut brittle recipe is unique but I decided I wanted to add more options so I called on a handful of my closest friends for extensive taste testing.

Out of several experiments, I discovered chocolate and butterscotch, sprinkled with sea salt, add the perfect elements to the product line. I anticipate adding more flavors and "different nut brittles" in the near future... my wheels are constantly turning!

Our brittle is an old family tradition passed on to you.

We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy baking it!

  • Taste the flavor of this beloved Birmingham institution and feel the love of community in every crunchy bite!

  • A Birmingham collaboration that's out of this world!

  • Bronnie's ESBrittle is an extra special English-style collaboration featuring Bronnie's signature brittle.

  • Byndel's gift boxes feature Bronnie's Brittle, and are the perfect gift treat for yourself!


We're passionate about baking the perfect, salty-sweet peanut brittle with a satisfying crunch in every bite. We hope that you enjoy eating it as much as we do making it.