Bronnie's Collaborations


Chocolata teamed up with Bronnie's Brittle to create two delectable, sweet treats: Crater Crunch and Lunar Landing.

Both feature our famous brittles as a key ingredient!


A work of art in a box, filled with local goodies and favorites curated by Birmingham-based Byndel.

The Alabama Peanut Company

Our partnership with the Alabama Peanut Company is a match made in heaven!

Their fresh, local peanuts are the backbone of our signature brittle, which has become a beloved Birmingham staple. A delicious partnership and way to honor our Southern roots.

Cahaba Brewing Co.

Bronnie's and Cahaba Brewing Company worked together to make Bronnie's ESBrittle —a English-style beer brew especially with our delicious, signature peanut brittle.

Bronnie's ESBrittle is a beer that speaks to the heart of what makes Birmingham great... creativity, resilience and spirit!

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Bronnie's Brittle is a testament to the power of the enduring bonds that connect us all! If you're looking for a taste of Southern hospitality, then look no further.

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